Small sensor.
Big multi-beam technology.

Continuous and accurate suspended solids and turbidity sensors.

Listening to nature’s voice

Sensor accuracy saves money. So shouldn't it be accurate all the time?

Four beams that
self-compensate for common measurement errors

Small country.
Big player.

Quadbeam was born in
New Zealand, the little country that's
the world's largest dairy exporter.

Listening to nature’s voice

New Zealand:
0.07% of world population, 28% of world dairy exports.

Use technology honed in
New Zealand’s hyper-efficient dairy factories

Supporting the New Zealand dairy industry for 20 years. Leverage that technology in your industry.

Listening to nature’s voice

Small footprint. Better future.

We care deeply about trying to leave the world in better shape than it is now. Efficiency and sustainability are inextricably linked.

Small investment. Big pay-off.

Quadbeam generates real savings.

Dairy Company X


A dairy company that's not running loss control or efficiency programmes could be losing 5% of product. Loss control systems that use Quadbeam technology can bring that down under 1%, saving millions of dollars per year.

Mining Company X


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Make the change to Quadbeam

Quadbeam sensors have wide-ranging applications, from dairy, to food and beverage, to mining, and more (like pulp and paper, sugar, starch, paint, chemical processes, rendering, stormwater, and wastewater). If you need to monitor turbidity or suspended solids, there’s a Quadbeam sensor for your project.