MXD73 Multi Channel Suspended Solids and Turbidity Transmitter Panel Mount

MXD73 Multi Channel Suspended Solids and Turbidity Transmitter Panel Mount

Use with S10, S20, S40 or T30 sensors. Up to 3 sensors per transmitter. Parameters include suspended solids, turbidity, conductivity, pH/redox, DO.


MXD73 Multi Channel Suspended Solids and Turbidity Transmitter Panel Mount

Key features:

Simple to use

Simple user interface


Accurate, repeatable & reliable.

MXD73 Multi Channel Suspended Solids and Turbidity Transmitter Panel Mount

Example applications:

Gain improved control.

Dairy processing, food & beverage processing, wastewater monitoring and treatment, mining, pulp & paper, industrial, and chemical.

Further specifications:

Measurement Input:

A mix of up to 3 Sensors. Suspended Solids Series S10, S20, S40 and/or Turbidity Series T30 and or. Electrode-less Conductivity Sensor ECS40.
Input cards also available for pH & DO

Current Output

1 as standard, up to 6 current outputs, depending on number of relays, each selectable 0-20mA or 4-20mA into 1000 ohms max, fully isolated to 2kV. Expandable up to 5% of any operating range and offset anywhere in that range.

Setpoints and Control Relay

2 change over relays as standard, expandable up to a total of either 4 change over relays, or 4 change over relays plus 2 normally open relays. depending on the number of current outputs.
Fully configurable setpoints with volt free contacts for each relay. Rated at 5A at 30V DC /5A at 250V AC

Digital Inputs

8 separate inputs for remote activation of user defined operations. Can be configured to operate in normally open or normally closed modes.

Modbus RS485 Interface - Option
Supports RTU and ASCII formats.
Node Address: 1 to 247
Baud Rates (Bits Per Second): 300,600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 31250, 38400.

Basic Model No:

MXD73 - Ip66 to the front when panel mounted.


R- 2 relays (max 6)
1I (max 3) fully isolated to 2kV current outputs, software selectable to be either 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA into a maximum of 1000 ohms.
Supply Voltage:
U - Universal 80-265V AC or DC, 15W max. LV - 18 -36 V AC or DC, 20W max.


Maximum 880 grams (instrument only)


Front 128 x 116 x 23mm (H,W,D)
Rear 89 x 89 x161mm (H,W,D)



95mm QVGA back lit LCD.


5 tactile feedback, micro-switched, silicone rubber
Measurement Units for Suspended Solids & Turbidity:
NTU, FTU, ppm, mg/l, g/l, %, EBC or OD can be selected and displayed.


Simple2 point, or up to 9 point linearisations can be entered. Up to 3 curves, switchable by Digital Input.


0.1% of range.


0.1% of range.

Ambient Operating Range:

-20°C to +50°C
Data Logging - Option
Live trending provides the user 3 different trend screens with 2 readings, viewing last 50 samples of each. In review mode, review and save last 200 samples.
SD Card Data Logging allows for long term logging that can be reviewed on the instrument or removed to be viewed on Excel.

SD Card Interface

SD, SDHC and SDXC-FAT-32 cards supported.


2004/108/EC using BS EN 61326-1: 2013

Ingress Protection Rating

IP66 to front when panel mounted.